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 ♡ (REVIEW) [액션캠연닷] A.C.E (에이스) - Take Me Higher♡

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chriby 작성일18-07-10 07:03 조회89회 댓글0건


Watching A.C.E do anything is always incredibly fun and interesting, mostly because they always give their 100%! It's obvious that they really love what they do. They all looked soo bright and happy - they were shining like the stars they are!! ♡ Despite having to handle the camera, their dancing and singing was amazing as always and I am just so impressed with them.
The video itself was also so so pretty, bright and high quality which brought out their talent and cute personalities even more!! ♡

I always enjoy the a.c.e x yss content you post and I'm really grateful to you! I hope you'll be uploading a lot more videos of A.C.E in the future! Thank you so so much!:))


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