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 Review of [액션캠연닷] A.C.E (에이스)-Take Me Higher

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xp228 작성일18-07-10 07:53 조회49회 댓글0건


The action camera video of Take Me Higher is super cute and it really showcases their talents extremely well! As usual, all the members (though, I really really hope Chan will be able to participate next time!!) looked incredibly good and like they were enjoying themselves a lot! Their vocals were stable, their dancing was amazing, and their smiles shone so insanely bright my heart were doing flips throughout the entire video. Of course, the lighting and general quality was really good as well. I'm so happy A.C.E were able to do this!:)

I'm so thankful to YSS for giving A.C.E so many opportunities when it comes to shooting a lot if different and fun videos! I'm really glad A.C.E have been able to work with YSS a lot in the past year, and I hope to see a lot more videos from you guys! Thank you - I love you 



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