♡ (REVIEW) [두근두근 실화냥] A.C.E (에이스) 동훈 ♡ > 에이스

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 ♡ (REVIEW) [두근두근 실화냥] A.C.E (에이스) 동훈 ♡

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chriby 작성일18-07-12 01:06 조회78회 댓글0건


I'm always blown away by just how adorable Donghun really is. This video was such a good opportunity for his cute personality to shine through. Even though he's the oldest, he sometimes look and act like the youngest in the group (a true madnae indeed!)! ♡ His face is so incredibly expressive and I feel like it was really noticeable in his reactions in this. :D
The ending, with Donghun singing Try Again, really made my heart skip a few too many beats. His voice is honestly the most beautiful... Both when he speaks and sings. It's so sweet and calming!

YSS, thank you so so much for letting A.C.E do these videos! They are absolutely adorable! ♡




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