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 [Review] 두근두근 실화냥 A.C.E (에이스) 와우

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NhiDang 작성일18-07-12 15:08 조회20회 댓글0건


 My Review Of 두근두근 실화냥 A.C.E (에이스) 와우:

I really adorable every moment of this video of WOW! He was smiling the entire time, even when he was thinking and and answering the questions! I was smiling the entire time with WOW even though I couldn’t understand anything...except for naming his five favorite food!All choices should know that he would pick hamburgerd and chicken!  Oh and the ranking of the members! I thought he would pick iseuni first but he picked his same-aged friend Donghunie! Poor JunHee, always get picked on! Oh I love that Byeongkwan got revenge by whispering into WOW’s ears! Thank you so much for giving us beaufuil and happy smile of WOW! 

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