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 [Review] 두근두근 실화냥 A.C.E (에이스) 준

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NhiDang 작성일18-07-12 19:52 조회62회 댓글0건


My Review of 두근두근 실화냥 A.C.E (에이스) 준:

It’s not even 20 seconds into the video yet and Byeongkwan decided to teasing Jun about why he was asking cute! Lol! Poor Jun, always getting tease by his fellow memebrs 24/7. But Byeongkwan, Jun is actually a handsomely cute boy! He was really adorable when he had introduced himself. I love how expressive Jun is; you can see many different reactions from him! He expressed so many emotions so well; jun will definitely do well as an actor! His disbelief expressions was definitely my favorite when A.C.E memebrs kept teasing him. His laugh and smile is highly contagious; I love seeing and hearing it all the time! 

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